Do you have a local mystery?

The yellow “Beach Motel Area” sign is missing.

A local resident recently asked what has happened to a sign at the southeast corner of Wisconsin and Coast Highway. It had been there for several decades and has been removed. While I don’t currently have the answer, it’s worth looking into! Do you have a local history question? A family mystery? Contact me and I will see if I can help.

4 thoughts on “Do you have a local mystery?

  1. Hi Kristi,

    What an interesting development.

    It’s a sign that many of us locals are familiar with but one that is easily missed by those passing through.

    Is just the yellow sign missing or the entire pole and sign?

    Would very much enjoy some research and a story on the old “boat house” on the Buena Vista Lagoon. Would be curious when it was built, when it disappeared and if there are any remnants still there. I felt compelled to put that one out there with you seeing that you asked and no one better than you to research it.

    As always, love your research, your stories and your dedication. Your work is greatly appreciated by many.

    Kindest regards,


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    1. Derrick, I do have some info on the boat house and a couple of photos. I will put something together and post it – hopefully some time this week. By the way in regards to the sign I believe the post has been removed altogether. Thanks for reading!


  2. I’m interested in the history of the Oceanview Cemetery – I had an uncle who died in 1933 who was interred there, and later moved to Eternal Hills when Oceanview went into disrepair. When I was a teen (late 60’s, early 70’s), we used to sneak back into the mausoleum to smoke and drink, but never vandalize; we just tripped on the fact that we were surrounded by people who expected a respectable resting place but were now in a modern ruin. At some point someone managed to open a crypt and drag the remains out, which led to better fencing and more observation – we never went back – didn’t want to be suspected of such a depraved thing. But’s it’s never been clear to me how it went into disrepair in the first place. Thanks for your great articles!!!

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    1. Hi Jim, thanks for reading and for your question. The cemetery was established by the Internal Order of the Odd Fellows in the 1890s and were largely responsible for maintaining it. They sold the cemetery to a private owner Malcom Smith in around 1930. Smith had difficulty maintaining the cemetery. He had the mausoleum built but did not have the funds to complete it. He eventually filed bankruptcy. In 1947/1948 Eternal Hills was established and the local men who founded it offered to care for Oceanview by having it mowed. I believe the city provides the water. Because this is a non endowment cemetery there are no funds to keep up with the perpetual care. Finally I believe in the 1980s the city deeded the cemetery to Eternal Hills “association” (if memory serves). The mausoleum had an unfinished “upper level” of some type. This was removed and the mausoleum sealed and closed. Today Eternal Hills still mows it and in recent years had a new fence placed around the perimeter. Keep in mind they get no money to do so and this is an expense to them.
      Hope that helps


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